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AMMJ - 'Shock Pulse and Vibration Monitoring Optimize Hoist Reliability at Boliden'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
AMMJ_May2014_RenstromBoliden_Mine_Hoist.pdf Australian trade magazine ‘Asset Management and Maintenance Journal’ (AMMJ) May 2014 issue features an article on the successful implementation of condition monitoring on the mine hoist at the Boliden Renström mine in northern Sweden. English (United Kingdom) 1 MB 2014-05-13
Ilim Group corporate newsletter - 'Vibration will tell you how healthy a bearing is'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
Ilim Group_newsletter_2016.pdf Article in Ilim Group corporate newsletter (2016) English (United Kingdom) 320 kB 2017-06-28
Industrial Plant & Equipment - 'SPM technology contributes to savings in excess of £10m for Centrica'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
Zero_failures_mean_massive_savings.pdf When Centrica installed SPM Instrument UK’s technology, it was purely for maintenance purposes. Today, that technology has evolved into an environmental management tool that has contributed to the company achieving savings of £1m/year. Article published in Industrial Plant & Equipment Nov/Dec 2009. English (United Kingdom) 353 kB 2012-12-19
LNG Carrier Lifecycle Maintenance - 'Dynagas opts for condition-based turbine maintenance'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
LNG_WorldShipping_Feb2011.pdf In LNG Carrier Lifecycle Maintenance, a February 2011 supplement to LNG World Shipping Journal, an article appears on the implementation of Intellinova to monitor turbines onboard the three LNGCs* of Dynagas Ltd. English (United Kingdom) 554 kB 2012-12-11
Maintenance Technology - 'Bearing monitoring with SPM HD® keeps coal safely on the move'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
MaintenanceTech_magazine_March2012.pdf Article about energy-services provider Savage implementing SPM HD® on a coal-conveyor system in Texas, USA English (United Kingdom) 643 kB 2012-12-11
Maintworld - 'Condition monitoring redefined: The low rpm challenge'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
SPM_maintworld_2-2013.pdf Maintworld magazine (issue 2, 2013) features an article about SPM HD, written by Tim Sundström. English (United Kingdom) 999 kB 2013-06-05
Marine Maintenance Technology - "Fast learners"- SPM version
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
SPM_MMT_Fastlearners_SPMversion_LR.pdf Article written by Tim Sundström in Marine Maintenance Technology 2013. English (United Kingdom) 357 kB 2013-09-03
Marine Maintenance Technology - 'Fast learners'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
SPM INSTRUMENTS.pdf Article written by Tim Sundström in Marine Maintenance Technology 2013. English (United Kingdom) 225 kB 2013-07-30
Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery - 'Costa trials SPM-based CBM system'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
MarinePropulsion_FebMarch2011.pdf In its February/March 2011 issue, maritime engineering magazine Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery features an article on Italian cruise company Cosa Crociere's implementation of the SPM online system Intellinova onboard the Costa Pacifica cruise ship. English (United Kingdom) 329 kB 2012-12-19
Plant & Works Engineering - 'Maintenance - a profit generator'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
maintenance_matters_0309.pdf For any company that is dependent on machinery for manufacturing or distributing products the concept of maintenance is, or should be, a given. Aaron Blutstein spoke to Stan Jackson at SPM Instrument about the necessity of investing in maintenance. English (United Kingdom) 971 kB 2012-12-19
Plant Maintenance - 'Think like a number cruncher'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
IM_January_pg11.pdf How to think in financial terms to make your condition monitoring investment case: You may know exactly the good engineering reasons why your company should be investing in condition monitoring equipment, but to make your case, you must learn to think in financial terms. English (United Kingdom) 270 kB 2012-12-19
Underhåll och Driftsäkerhet - 'Lönsammare underhåll med ny vibrationsteknolog'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
UochD_2016_nr6_Lonsammare_underhall_med_ny_vibrationsteknologi.pdf Underhåll och Driftsäkerhet (nr 6, 2016) publicering av Tim Sundströms artikel om lönsammare underhåll med vibrationsteknologin HD ENV. Swedish (Sweden) 822 kB 2016-09-26
Underhåll och Driftsäkerhet - 'Tillståndskontroll optimerar driftsäkerhet på gruvspel'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
UochD_2014_nr4_Tillstandskontroll_optimerar_driftsakerhet_pa_gruvspel.pdf Underhåll och Driftsäkerhet (nr4, 2014) publicering av Tim Sundströms artikel om SPMs lösning för optimerad tillståndskontroll och driftsäkerhet på gruvspel i Boliden. Swedish (Sweden) 145 kB 2014-04-22
Uptime Magazine - 'Successful Solution to the Challenge of Low RPM Bearing Monitoring'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
Successful_Solution_to_the_Challenge_of_Low_RPM_Bearing_Monitoring.pdf Article published in Uptime Magazine. Using the newly developed SPM High Definition (SPM HD) method, we have been able to reveal never-before-seen details at very low RPMs. English (United Kingdom) 1 MB 2012-12-19
Uptime Magazine - 'The perfect pair: Shock pulse and vibration monitoring combo pays off at Boliden mine'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
UptimeMag_AprilMay2014_Boliden_autogenous_mill.pdf Uptime Magazine (for maintenance reliability and asset management professionals) April/May 2014 issue features the article ”The perfect pair: Shock pulse and vibration monitoring combo pays off at Boliden mine”, based on the case study of the autogenous mill written by Tim Sundström. (Note: the article is non-printable due to copyright reasons.) English (United Kingdom) 926 kB 2014-09-24
Verkstäderna - 'Mätenhet för vibrationer lyfter Scanias underhåll'
Filnamn/Beskrivning Språk Filstorlek Ändrad  
Verkstaderna_2016_nr3_4_Matenhet_for_vibrationer_lyfter_Scanias_underhall.pdf Verkstädernas (nr3/4, 2016) publicering av Carina Björklund Ströms artikel om Scania Industrial Maintenances vibrationsövervakning med Intellinova Parallel MB. Swedish (Sweden) 801 kB 2016-04-19
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